Wednesday, June 3, 2015


The last time I wrote we were seeing the first signs of Spring here in Cambridge. Now we are in June but Summer is not yet here. Every month is a marvel to me, learning about the climate of my new home, every season reveals something different about its rhythms.

These first three days of June have felt less summery than some of the days we had in Spring. I've needed an umbrella many times, but then had to battle with the wind to keep it upright. Today I went out to buy lunch wearing a merino jumper and a scarf, wondering when this chilly weather will end and the mercury will rise above 15 degrees.  However, walking home the sun peeked out and suddenly I was too warmly dressed. The afternoon has continued like this - cold one moment, then pleasantly sunny the next.

To cheer me that summer is on its way,... a few lovely roses captured at Windsor Castle last week.