Wednesday, December 2, 2015

These days...

[Powderfinger playing in my mind]

I keep waiting for the perfect moment to sit down and start blogging. Yet it just occurred to me that there is no perfect moment and the only way to start is to do just that. So here I am. (Again)

I have so many posts swirling in my head. What have I learnt from going back to uni so many years after undergrad? What have I learnt moving countries? What have I learnt being out of the workplace for 15 months? There is a lot I can write about on any of those topics. Many silly little observations I have made in recent months. Like: I have worn the same two pairs of WINTER pyjamas for 15 months straight (bar one single hot week in July). Maybe this is not big news for some people but for a former frequent customer of Peter Alexander this is a big deal for me!!!

Okay, so that was a strange aside, but seriously I feel there is a lot I can share about my last year and when I'm so far from home a blog seems the perfect way to put such thoughts out into the universe.

Today was the first day at my new job. Dissertation written and submitted. Studies completed. Processed through the streets to graduate. A few months unemployed. Then, can you start work on Wednesday?

It has all moved so fast. Starting a new job in another country for the first time. It still feels like a holiday, somehow unreal, as even though it is all the same it is also all completely different. I wonder when being in another country will start feeling like life rather than a holiday? Does this just mean my previous job was too stressful (quite possibly as many of my colleagues would attest)? Nonetheless, there is something about being overseas which seems temporary even if there is no plan, no timeline, no going home date.

So many questions. So many thoughts.

What to write next?