Saturday, October 23, 2010


(from We Heart It) - Oh to be sharing these and a cup of tea!

Have spent a fabulous Saturday afternoon shopping with a friend from back home, and it has reminded me how some friendships (the best friendships) survive despite spaces of time and distance. It has also reminded me how much fun 2 girls can have shopping ;) We talked non stop for 5 hours, until sadly she had to hop in a cab and leave for the airport.

We tried on dresses - those we could afford and a few that we couldn't. A corporate style MaxMara looked fabulous but needed to be about 65% off to be affordable. We are now both coveting the same Veronica Maine dress (can't find an image online though!) which again needs a slight reduction in price before it is justified.

My girlfriend bought an adorable little Leona Edmiston dress called 'Goldie Goblets' which you can see at their online boutique (again can't link to the exact photo!) which she spotted before me - I've now asked if I can borrow for an event next time I'm back home and I need a good dress!

So that's my Saturday, still another whole day to the weekend to go. Happy.

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