Monday, November 8, 2010

Mauve - Point + Shoot 8 November 2010

(Author's personal collection)

Growing up I always said my favourite colour was blue. And then I started loving pink, and owned quite a few magenta tops in my teenage years!

At some point this has all combined so that, like some sort of kaleidescope, it seems these days my favourite colour is purple. But not really purple, more closely mauve or lilac.

I've had more than one man say to me - what is mauve? And swear to me that the mauve shirt they were wearing was in fact pink (men!). This photo is of the lovely jacaranda out my window.

There you have mauve.

Point + Shoot - better late than never. [Updated: Link to Chantelle's old school Point + Shoot (before the days of her amazing Photo A Day) seems to be broken these days, but go along and have a look at her website].

What's your favourite colour?

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